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Garage Shelving Solutions Gold Coast | Queensland

Heavy Duty Garage Shelving Solution for a Systematic Storage

Welcome to the world of garage shelving. If you are looking for garage shelving in Gold Coast, Queensland, you are redirected to the most trusted and versatile place. Here, at Gold Coast Racking, we provide garage shelving options that are capable of withstanding extreme weight effortlessly for a longer duration. Your garage can sometimes become a clutter magnet that accommodates anything and everything without proper space management which in turn blocks more space and makes your garage look messy. Also, you keep losing things a lot when it’s not adequately arranged.

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Let’s give a new dimension to your Garage Shelving Solutions!

600 KG Series Garage Shelving

Our 600 kg series garage shelving is one of the most affordable options for your shelving needs. All the four layers provide support for 150 kgs each, helping you store 600 kgs in totality. These are made of finest steel and are coated with blue and white powder coating for that additional durability and also comes with 2-year warranty. This series shelving is most suitable for your home garage or workshop that needs small to medium duty storage.

800 KG Series Garage Shelving

This 800 kg high quality metal shelving unit is all you will need for a medium-duty garage storage solution. These smart shelving units with powder coating will help you have a permanent and secure storage system backed with reinforced steel hat rails and a professional finished look. With a capacity of 200 kg per level and 800 overall capacity, these shelves are built tough to meet the Australian Standards making them one of the most durable ones in the market. In addition to this, each unit comes with a year warranty.


This garage shelving series has a massive capacity of 1200 kg with 300 kg storage capacity per level. The classic smart black look of these shelving is attractive and practical while the powder coated galvanised steel frame is super sturdy to hold this weight seamlessly. It’s easy to build and makes your garage organised in no time. Plus, we provide a 2-year warranty on these products. Do you need any more reason to add this to your garage?

1600 KG Series Garage Shelving

Our 1600 kg garage shelving is an industrial quality storage that has a strong powder coated steel body all backed up with an upright design with a 2-year warranty to ensure it is 100% capable for heavy duty garage shelving usage. The unique blue and orange coated colour ensures extra durability for a long-lasting usage. Each level holds up to 400 kgs weight making a unit capable of holding 1600 kgs making your garage all organised and look clutter free. What are you waiting for? Get these shelves and give a lasting makeover to your garage.

Our Garage Shelving

Our heavy-duty garage shelving can hold weights up to 1600 kgs, ensuring you can store heavy items safely without letting the units collapse and causing serious damage. Our smart garage shelves are easy to assemble and do not require any additional tools to get the unit ready to use.

Garage Shelving solution is much more complex than the standard shelving options and needs models that adapt to your space and requirements. Here, you will find models and designs that fit perfectly to your space whether the space is limited or abundant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost and duration totally depend on the product you choose and the location. If you are looking for heavy duty garage shelving at an affordable rate with high quality, trust no other than Gold Coast Racking.

Please schedule for pick up once you receive a confirmation email from our side to avoid scheduling multiple times. Also, make sure you have adequate space in your car or trailer to fit in the shelf for a seamless delivery.

Installing a garage storage system comes with a handful of benefits that can transform your garage into a super organised space. Garage shelving can eliminate clutter from the space, promote safety by keeping the hazardous elements at bay, and boost the garage appearance that in turn boosts home value. These shelving solutions also help you lock valuables, maximise the garage space and can transform the garage into a workshop effortlessly.

When buying garage shelving, choose the material that suits your needs best. Choose from wood, plastic, or steel depending on the desirable strength. Precise inspection of weight limit, installation policy and guide, etc. is recommended in order to fulfil your storage needs. 

The best suitable garage shelving is influenced by your specific requirements. You need to consider multiple factors before deciding on the shelving that best suits you.

The materials you need to store, the maximum weight that needs to be put on, weather conditions, garage space, and other factors can help in deciding on the best garage shelving system for you. Make sure to go for quality shelving solutions for prolonged usage.

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