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Pallet Racking Solutions for High-Quality Storage Efficiency

One of the most common storage solutions used in Gold Coast, Queensland is Pallet Racking. If you are looking for a racking system for a business that has diverse products that needs strategic storage in high volumes, choose none other than Pallet rack shelving. This will not only make the storage easy but also give your storage solutions a whole new dimension while also making it simple, economical, and easy to use. Here, at Gold Coast Racking, we provide a complete range of warehouse pallet racking systems that is versatile and provides a warehouse environment with a lasting and comprehensive storage system.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is one of the most common and cost-effective pallet racking in the market today because of its flexible use with low-cost investment and easy access. It is easy to install and helps in providing easy accessibility to all products at all times. These pallets are generally roll-formed or structurally configured and the shelves are created by uprights and a pair of beams.

Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back pallet racking is specifically designed to cater the warehouses following LIFO (Last in First out) method as the pallets are located on carts with each successive pallet ‘pushed back’ on a separate cart. This kind of pallet racking is ideal for bulk storage of similar products on pallets.

Drive-In & Drive-Through Pallet Racking

Drive-in and Drive-through pallet racking are best suited for storage of the same kind of goods that needs to be stored on side rails instead of cross beams. Here, forklifts can be directly allowed to drive into the storage bay and load the goods. In the drive-in racking system, entry is from both the sides and is ideally used for FIFO system while the drive-in racking is mainly used for LIFO system and can be entered from a single side.

Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow racking system typically allows the user to load and unload in a smooth way with the help of a slight slope from the load end to keep the process seamless. This system is highly effective for high-density warehouse storage where the FIFO method is adopted. It is best suitable for storing large quantities of pallets of the same product.

6096 Height Pallet Racking

Warehouse Storage Solutions With Exceptional Customer Service

At Gold Coast Racking, we provide safe, cost efficient, and most effective warehouse racking solutions that helps the current as well as future requirements of the industry.

Here, we thrive to offer most competitive prices backed with exceptional customer service provided by our team of pallet racking professionals. We also offer a complete range of customizable racking where you can just provide us with the dimensions and our experts will provide a professional guide on the most suitable system. We value customer satisfaction more than anything at Gold Coast Racking with full transparency and cost effective solutions.

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At the forefront of our priorities lie safety and resilience. Hence, every pallet racking item undergoes rigorous Australian testing to not only meet but surpass the standards outlined in AS4084-2012. To ensure proper pallet racking operation and upkeep, we urge you to adhere to this (manual). This encompasses individuals responsible for racking oversight, warehouse management, and maintenance, along with training institutions, forklift operators, store personnel, and health and safety advocates


As a prominent supplier of pallet racking in Brisbane and Melbourne, Gold Coast Racking presents an extensive range of new pallet racks at highly competitive rates. Our commitment revolves around tailoring storage answers to each unique client. For instance, we are delighted to provide uprights and beams as separate units, accommodating both specific requirements and financial considerations. To ensure you remain informed about our freshest promotional offers, consider subscribing to our mailing list, guaranteeing you never overlook our exceptional bargains


Our commitment revolves around consistently pursuing the most economically efficient methods of nationwide freight. We maintain well-established partnerships with a majority of Australia's leading freight enterprises, and our delivery fees undergo regular assessments to ensure we consistently offer the most competitive rates.

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