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A Guide to the Different Types of Gondola Shelving: How to Decide?

Types of Gondola Shelving

Are you in the market for gondola shelving but feeling overwhelmed by the array of options available? Gondola shelving is seen in almost every mart or shop easily. Retailers heavily rely on gondola shelving due to their reliable features and benefits that take their product organizing strategy to the next level. 

However, there are several types of gondola shelving, and each may have its own specific offering. Hence, it is crucial to find the right fit for your store’s layout, product display needs, and budget. As the best storage supplier in the Gold Coast, we understand the importance of selecting the ideal gondola shelving solution for your business. 

So, without further ado, let’s explore the various types of gondola shelving to help you make an informed decision for your store.

What is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving is designed as retail shelving that is often used in stores to showcase products in a visually appealing and well-organized manner. It is often made of freestanding double-sided modules with vertically stacked shelves that can be modified to various heights and angles. These shelves are typically built of metals such as steel or iron.

The gondola shelving allows merchants to customize their storage solutions to guarantee that store layout and product kinds align with your shelving. Overall, It unlocks the possibility of rearranging products flexibly to maximize storage space.

Furthermore, Gold Coast Racking is a full-fledged storage solution provider in the Gold Coast, with years of experience supplying gondola shelves made up of a vertical component with notches, pegboards, or slat walls supported by a flat base. 

What are the Types of Gondola Shelving Systems?

Types of gondola shelves

Now that we’ve covered the basics of gondola shelving, let’s explore the different types of gondola shelving systems available on the Gold Coast. Understanding each type thoroughly will help avoid confusion or feeling overwhelmed when purchasing. 

Wall Gondola Shelving/ Single-sided

Wall Gondola Shelving, also known as Single-sided Gondola Shelving, is designed to optimise wall space in retail environments. These single shelving units are mounted directly onto walls, maximizing vertical storage while leaving the floor space open for other purposes. With adjustable shelves, they offer flexibility in displaying various products, from clothing and shoes to electronics and home goods. As a leading warehouse storage system provider in Australia, we design custom storage solutions as per your needs.

Features of Single-sided Gondola Shelving: 

→ Maximizes wall space.

→ Easily visible and accessible.

→ Greater stability and support.

→ Straightforward installation process.

→ Adjustable shelves.

Uses of Single-sided Gondola Shelving:

→ Bookstores

→ Boutique Stores

→ Grocery Stores

→ Pharmacies

→ Gift Shops

Flat Metal Pegboard Gondola Shelving 

In the list of different types of gondola shelvings, Flat Metal Pegboard Gondola Shelving offers a sleek and modern display option with a white powder coat finish. With a 0.8mm thick metal pegboard paneling, it is a standard duty system that is ideal for lighter hang-sell small packaged goods and accessories. Additionally, this shelving is available in a wide range of designs, including narrow aisles and deep bays, low base bays, corner and end bays, and single and double-sided options.

Features of Flat Metal Pegboard Gondola Shelving: 

→ Metal pegboard design.

→ Easy expansion and reconfiguration.

→ Long-lasting use and durability.

→ Excellent visibility of products.

→ Flexible arrangement for various products.

Uses of Flat Metal Pegboard Gondola Shelving: 

→ Hardware Stores

→ Craft and stationery stores

→ Electronics stores

→ Sporting goods store

→ Convenience stores

End-cap Gondola Shelving 

End-cap Gondola Shelving is strategically placed at the end of store aisles to capture customer attention and promote featured or seasonal items. These types of gondola shelving units are typically compact and designed to showcase products from multiple angles. With impulse buys, speciality items, sales, new merchandise, and grab-and-go goods, they are great at expanding basket sizes. 

Features of End-cap Gondola Shelving: 

→ Increased visibility

→ End-cap placement

→ Signage options

→ Versatile usage

→ Additional Storage

Uses of End-cap Gondola Shelving: 

→ Clothing stores

→ Supermarkets

→ Toy stores

→ Home improvement stores

→ Beauty stores

Island Gondola Shelving / Double sided

Island gondola shelving, also known as double-sided gondola shelving, is a type of shelving system that is designed to be placed in the middle of a retail space rather than against a wall. This type of shelving unit allows products to be displayed on both sides. Gondola shelves typically have fixed shelves on either side of the central column and can come in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Features of Double-sided Gondola Shelving: 

→ 360-degree display

→ Increased storage capacity

→ Enhance shopping experience 

→ Promotional opportunities

→ Versatile arrangement

Uses of Double-sided Gondola Shelving: 

→ Department stores 

→ Electronics showrooms 

→ Pet supplies store

→ Stationery shops

How to Find the Right Gondola Shelving for Your Warehouse?

The following table will guide you to find the right one from various types of gondola shelving. So, without further ado, have a quick look and make a well-informed decision.

AspectSingle-Side GondolaDouble-Side GondolaFlat Metal GondolaEnd-Cap Gondola
AccessibilityOne side.Both sides.Both sides.One side only.
Display AreaLimited compared to double-sided units.Maximized due to access from both sides.Maximized due to access from both sides.Limited for promotional displays.
Floor Space UtilizationEfficient for narrow aisles.Requires more space.Requires more space Efficient, typically at the end of aisles.
VersatilityModerate High VersatilityHigh VersatilityModerate
Aesthetic OptionsVarious styles.Various styleslimited design options.Various styles
Weight Capacity250 to 500 pounds300 to 600 pounds300 to 600 Pounds250 to 500 Pounds
Additional Key FeatureEasy to rearrange for layout changes.Adjustable shelves for versatile display.Open design for visibility and airflow.Space-efficient for targeted promotions.
CostLower Quite HigherModerate.Moderate 

Note- The aforementioned table is for a general overview. To make an informed decision, contact the best gondola shelving supplier in Gold Coast and discuss your storage requirements with them.

To Conclude

For those seeking a reliable source for quality Gondola Shelving, Gold Coast Racking provides a comprehensive range of options to suit the diverse storage needs of various industries. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that your shelving solution not only meets your requirements but also exceeds your expectations. Whether you require storage solutions for pharmacies, grocery marts, retail shops, bakeries or industrial warehouses? Gold Coast Racking – a trusted storage system provider in Gold Coast has you covered, get in touch with our team for further details.

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