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What are the Types of Cantilever Racking Storage Systems?

Types of cantilever rack

Are you searching for the best warehouse storage systems in Gold Coast? You may have heard cantilever racking. Cantilever racking is one of the widely used storage systems in various industrial sectors. From retail stores to mega malls and factories – cantilever racking systems have become a highly preferred choice. 

According to recent studies, The global cantilever racking market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period 2024-2030 with a CAGR of 4.5% because of rising demand for efficient and organised warehouse storage solutions. 

However, there are different types of cantilever racking systems available in Gold Coast, Queensland – but choosing the right one requires a complete understanding and considering several factors. Therefore, here we are to help you find the ideal match for your storage space. So without further ado, let’s get in!

An Overview of Cantilever Racking

A cantilever racking system is a type of industrial storage solution that can efficiently store long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items such as lumber, pipes, tubing, furniture, or sheet metal. It consists of upright columns, horizontal load-bearing arms, and bracing, configured in a freestanding structure.

Cantilever racking systems are highly customizable to accommodate a wide range of storage needs. If you need a custom-designed warehouse storage system, Gold Coast Racking – A leading storage solution provider has you covered. 

5 Main Common Types of Cantilever Racking Warehouse Storage Systems

To choose the right cantilever racking for your applications, it is crucial to understand the various types and benefits of cantilever systems. The following are some best cantilever racking system that demonstrates “store more and stress less”. 

Light-duty Cantilever Racking Systems

Light-duty cantilever racking systems are designed to store lighter loads such as pipes, lumber, or furniture in warehouses or retail environments. They typically feature upright columns made of light gauge steel and arms. To buy light-duty cantilever racking online, we provide efficient Australia-wide delivery services. 


→ Cost-effective storage solution.

→ Simple assembly and adjustment processes.

→ Versatile storage for smaller items and loads.

→ Ideal for retail stores, workshops, and distribution centers.

→ Facilitates efficient organization and accessibility.

Structural/Heavy-duty Cantilever Racking System

Structural, also known as heavy-duty cantilever racking systems are engineered to support heavy loads with high durability and strength. Constructed from robust structural steel components, these systems can withstand demanding industrial environments.


→ Exceptional load-bearing capacity.

→ Built to withstand rigorous industrial environments.

→ Ensures safe and organized storage for oversized and heavy items.

→ Durable construction for long-term use.

→ Suitable for steel facilities, lumber yards, and automotive parts warehouses.

Galvanised Cantilever Racking System

Galvanised is actually a finishing and coating method rather than a type of racking system. Galvanised cantilever racking systems are intended to withstand corrosion in harsh outdoor settings. These racks include steel components that have been hot-dip galvanised, which provides a protective zinc coating to your selected cantilever rack.


→ Resilience against rust and corrosion.

→ Ideal for outdoor or high-moisture environments.

→ Ensures structural integrity over extended periods.

→ Provides reliable protection for stored items.

→ Suited for outdoor storage yards, agricultural facilities, & marine warehouses.

Colored Powder Coating Cantilever Racking System

Similar to a galvanized, a powder-coating cantilever racking system is a method of applying a protective layer to the steel components of the rack to enhance durability and resistance to corrosion. Powder coating involves electrostatically placing a color-specific dry powder on a rack for indoor use.


→ Customizable colors.

→ Resistant to scratches and fading.

→ Enhances visual appeal.

→ Reliable protection for stored items.

→ Suitable for retail, museums, and sports stores.

Medium-duty Cantilever Racking System

Medium-duty cantilever racking systems offer a balance between load capacity and affordability, making them suitable for a variety of storage applications. They are designed to handle moderate loads compared to low-duty cantilever racks. 


→ Versatile storage for medium-sized items.

→ Cost-effective option.

→ Easy installation and reconfiguration.

→ Efficient organization and accessibility.

→ Suited for manufacturing, warehouses, and supply stores.

A Brief Overview of How Each Cantilever Racking System Differs: 

When it comes to buy cantilever racking in Gold Coast? This table provides a quick overview of the differences between various types of cantilever racking systems for making a well-informed choice.

AspectLight-dutyMedium-dutyHeavy-dutyGalvanisedPowder Coating
Load Capacity (per arm)Up to 250kgUp to 500kgOver 1000kgVariesVaries
MaterialLight gauge steelSturdier materialsStructural steelGalvanised steelSteel with powder coating
Corrosion ResistanceModerateModerateHighHighModerate
Aesthetic AppealIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialAesthetic options
ApplicationsRetail/light useMedium warehousesHeavy-industrialVarious industriesVarious industries


In conclusion, Cantilever racking can store material of varying lengths and sizes, making it an ideal choice for managing inventory while maximizing warehouse space.

Gold Coast Racking can provide tailored warehouse solutions in Australia. Whether you need pallet racking or structural cantilever racking, we deliver efficient, customized storage solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our team is here to help you find end-to-end warehouse storage solutions. Get in touch with us for further details.

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