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How to Make Warehouse Efficient: Tips to Optimize Warehouse Storage Space

tips for optimize warehouse storage

Utilizing warehouse storage space efficiently is one of the very important factors for good warehouse management. Limited storage space is one of the biggest challenges faced by facility managers who are constantly under pressure to deal with the increase in inventory and optimize the use of available storage space, while also keeping the warehouse clutter-free and immaculate.

What is the need to manage Warehouse Storage Space?

Amid the rise in business, an organization needs to be able to fulfill the demand with adequate supply. Without proper inventory management, chances of delays, errors, and backlogs would increase which in turn affect the company’s reputation.  The warehouse management system must provide more storage space without increasing the physical space. To help you efficiently store your goods without creating any mess, we have a range of warehouse storage solutions to cater to your specific needs. Let’s see the major tips and tricks to optimize the warehouse storage space.

Tips to Optimize Warehouse Storage Space

The most crucial one is to choose the right storage system that best fits your product to increase storage density.  How to choose one? First of all, determine the top requirements of your storage system. Do you need a high storage density? Do you prefer the LIFO or FIFO method? Do you need to pick products selectively or have identical items? Based on these factors, you can choose from the multiple warehouse management options available. Here’s a quick overview of your storage options.

Floor stacking

Here pallets are stacked on the floor and the products are directly stored on it without much segregation. This is ideal if you want extremely high-density storage for identical products.

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is one of the most common and cost-effective pallet racking in the market today because of its flexible use with low-cost investment and easy access. These pallets are generally roll-formed or structurally configured and the shelves are created by uprights and a pair of beams.

High Density Motorized System

If you want to maximize the storage density is your goal, this system is best suited for your warehouse. It optimizes vertical space by utilizing motorized technology for efficient retrieval.

Drive-In/Drive-Through Racking

Drive-in and Drive-through pallet racking are best suited for storage of goods that need to be stored on side rails instead of cross beams. Here, forklifts can be directly allowed to drive into the storage bay and load the goods. In the drive-in racking system, entry is from both sides and is ideally used for the FIFO system while the drive-in racking is mainly used for the LIFO system and can be entered from a single side.

Push Back Racking

Push-back pallet racking is specifically designed to cater to the warehouses following the LIFO method as the pallets are located on carts with each successive pallet ‘pushed back’ on a separate cart. This kind of pallet racking is ideal for bulk storage of similar products on pallets.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking system that lets you flat items such as wood and steel plates as well as store long items such as profiles and piping, and other bulky construction components. It is a perfect Storage Solution to hold lumber, tubes, pipes, fabric rolls, furniture, and much more.

Multi-Tier Racking

This warehouse racking facility utilizes vertical space efficiently creates multiple levels of storage and is ideal for facilities with high ceilings.

Live Racking

Live racking employs inclined rollers or conveyors to ensure items flow smoothly. It is also known as gravity racking and is suitable for high-volume stock. 

Some Pro Tips for a Successful Warehouse Management

Go for a strategic beam placement to pull that extra space out of thin air.

Shift from the “One Size Fits All” approach to finding the containers that fit the stored item to get that extra space.

Go for elaborating vertical space to get that extra usable space in your warehouse.

Stop overwhelming your warehouse and reduce the SKU quantities to minimize overloading.

Implement some smart storage methods such as cross-docking, Nix obsolete inventory, Pareto principle, 5-S methodology, etc. for better inventory management. 


These were some of the most efficient ways one can opt for when in need of redesigning the existing warehouse storage space because warehousing is not just about storing goods, it’s all about doing it effortlessly and effectively. Contact Gold Coast Racking for more information and help on warehouse storage facilities and a lot more.  

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