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Sheep Blind Panel 1000mm x 2070mm

$160.00 (inc. GST)


Sheep panels that are fully sheeted are ideal for use in races, bugles, and any other area where obstructing animal vision can enhance the flow of sheep through the yard.

Overall size:  1m x 2.07m ( H x L )
Vertical tubes:  40x40x1.6mm
Horizontal rails:  30x60x1.6mm, 3 rails
Caps and Lugs:  2 caps, 2L lugs, 2 U lugs: 80x60x6mm
Middle brace:  32O.Dx1.6mm
Galvanized sheet:  1.0mm thick

Vertical tube and horizontal rails, zinc coating 120g/m2
Fully 360 degree welded
1 flat feet, And pins hang on the lugs

Weight: 30.5kg/set

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